“I just wanted to take a moment to reflect on the Botox/Dysport didactic training that I completed through JEM Education.  The comprehensive Botox/Dysport training was divided into the history of the drug, uses for facial aesthetics, side effects, contraindications, facial anatomy, and injection techniques. At the conclusion of the educational session we broke out into stations that had a rubber model of the face and were able to practice injection techniques on various areas of the face.  Questions were answered along the way and they were devoted to each student. We then participated in the hands-on portion in which we all had the opportunity to inject on live models.   Melissa & Jeanine have a passion for educating the next generation of aesthetic injectors. They made learning enjoyable, were patient, knowledgeable, and didn’t take themselves too seriously. The information gleaned will positively impact my future as an aesthetic nurse injector.

Thank you”

Christy Davis, FNP

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